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As we age changes in our facial structure and skin make-up are inevitable, changes to the underlying structure of the skin over time results in folds are wrinkles that alter the appearance of the face. Better Family Health are pleased to be able to offer our patients cosmetic injections to achieve a more youthful look, we offer Dysport and Lip injections. Dysport is an anti-wrinkle treatment designed to smooth wrinkles and lines on the face. Results of the Dysport injections can be noticed as early as 24 hours after and can last up to 5 months.


During your first appointment you will consult with the doctor or nurse to develop a plan to address induvial needs, before and after care and approximate pricing for your injections.


Dr Parnian and our registered nurse Jess are fully qualified to provide these cosmetic injections, for further information please call the clinic.