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At Better Family Health we are excited to provide care for you and your child through your pregnancy (antenatal shared care), infancy and all the way through into their early years and teenage years. Throughout this journey we are able to provide a wide range of comprehensive care including;


  • shared care arrangements between private or public hospital maternity staff
  • antenatal and pregnancy education
  • referrals, tests and monitoring of your pregnancy
  • birthing information
  • postnatal care – 6-week post-natal checks for both mums and bubs
  • Perform a physical assessment of your child.
  • Diagnose and provide treatment to your child’s illness, infections, acute and chronic health issues, injuries.
  • Consulting with mental issues including guidance to new parents for raising their children.
  • Provide referrals to children’s specialist like paediatric gastroenterologistpaediatric cardiologist if needed.